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Embrace Change

Today, I got my mother-in-law set up with her Nexo account and sent 10 XRP as her very first crypto holding. I was surprised to learn how eager she and my father-in-law are to invest in cryptocurrencies. They see the way the world is moving and are very dissatisfied with the financial products offered by traditional banks. They’re still somewhat of a necessary evil when dealing with large cash transactions, but no-branch banks like N26 and services like Wise are changing the landscape. I love to see older generations continue to evolve with the times rather than being left behind for fear of learning something new. It’s the best way to keep the mind healthy and sharp. The world is undergoing a major financial shift that many may not be aware of and thus, cannot see the vast opportunities before them.

It’s a great time to be alive though. Information is extremely abundant, so there’s no reason not to make big things happen for yourself and your family. I’ve carved out my stake and continue to build upon it daily.

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C. Duayne Pearson monochrome mirror self-portrait with Canon AE-1 Program 35mm camera

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