A Quiet Moment

This is more of a repost since I shared these photos elsewhere a while back, yet failed to write anything about them. Sometimes images can stand on their own; other times it’s good to at least have a few thoughts to go along. There’s actually no remarkable story behind these. The truth is I just happened to turn and see my daughter was a little cold and decided to wrap herself in a towel. It was one of those rare, quiet, peaceful moments that I knew would best be rendered in black & white. She’s growing up fast. I’m fortunate enough to have a life where I can be here everyday to enjoy and capture the little things.

c duayne pearson blog a quiet moment 2
c duayne pearson blog a quiet moment 3
c duayne pearson blog a quiet moment 4

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C. Duayne Pearson monochrome mirror self-portrait with Canon AE-1 Program 35mm camera

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