6 Months

We’ve reached the six-month mark and things are progressing normally as expected. In my mind, there is no other way. She still has fears at times, which I fully understand, but don’t give any power to; I do everything to quickly coach her from the fear back into a positive space.

For anyone, the internal struggles are always the hardest to fight. As beautiful as life is, external influences occasionally blur the lines of what actually needs to be dealt with. I’m impressed with her resilience and the poise with which she navigates around the negative souls we’re sometimes forced to deal with in this world; those who have a habit of projecting their own insecurities upon others. It’s an unhealthy situation that you just have to walk away from for the sake of your own growth and happiness.

I’m impressed because she’s true to herself, and I know how far she’s come. As a result, I’ve never seen her more at peace than she is now. The best part is knowing our lives are getting even better.

c duayne pearson blog 6 months natalsche schwanger 1

Still no word on whether it’s a boy or a girl brewing in there. We should have found out during the ultrasound two weeks ago, but it seems this next kid is keeping the tradition of “being difficult” alive; the baby kept one hand between its legs the whole time.

The doctor thought it was a boy at first, then quickly realized it was a finger waving at us. I won’t stand for that kind of sass if that was the baby’s intent:-).

c duayne pearson blog 6 months back up off me please ultrasound

To put things into context, this was our daughter in 2010 during an hour-long 4D ultrasound that she wasn’t in the mood for. Those who have met her know this is her personality 100%, no filter. If she ain’t feeling a situation, you’ll know it.

c duayne pearson blog 6 months run dmc more baby clothes

When you don’t know the sex, yet the wife keeps mysteriously coming across sales. I bet there’s more stuff in the house I haven’t found yet. Boy or girl, that Run DMC shirt makes the cut though.

c duayne pearson blog 6 months big sister smile
I think she’s ready:-)
c duayne pearson blog 6 months kids nike air max 90
Matching foot work courtesy of daddy.
c duayne pearson blog 6 months natalsche mother daughter embrace monochrome

I can’t tell you what the perfect family life looks like–I’m not sure if that even exists. What I know is that this is a window into our reality, and it feels pretty good. We’re gratefully looking forward to welcoming another life into it.

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