Don’t Break the Chain

Today was one of those days where a lot of things just didn’t seem to go right. I don’t wallow in self-pity or worry during these moments. I learned a long time ago there’s no value or virtue in that. Also, no one cares anyway. I do however get overwhelmed sometimes when I contemplate every problem in rapid succession. I caught myself and took a step back, realizing that I’ve faced and survived far worse. I’ve evolved into a better person as a result.

This week I began a major overhaul of my habits in order to regain some much-needed structure for myself and my family. The family obligations (kids in particular) are what seem to derail any attempts at following a strict schedule. Between learning more code, managing multiple sites and working out major near-future plans, I was approaching burnout and knew I needed to make a change. To keep things simple, accessible and allow tracking of an entire daily routine of multiple habits at once, I searched for an app and found…Habit Tracker👌🏾. It has a great design and does exactly what I need it to do without a bunch of distracting features.

Screenshot of Habit Tracker app by Davetech Co., Ltd.

Jerry Seinfeld once gave a young comedian advice about getting better. His method was simple: Write one joke per day, and mark an “X” on the calendar. Pretty soon you have a long chain going, then the goal is to never break the chain. I think that’s a good method to apply to any habit or goal in life. My execution isn’t perfect yet, but I’m intentional about having a long chain of success in multiple areas of my life. I’ll see how high it takes me.

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