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“Cancel Culture” is a real thing. I hate to even mention that term because I was nearly an adult before Al Gore’s Internet was used every day by the masses. Some of the ways in which humans interact now because of the Internet is very strange to me. People are very comfortable attacking people they’ve never met simply because they hold a particular view they don’t agree with. I suppose it’s always been that way, but like many things the Internet just amplifies it.

Earlier this week my wife had a “Come to Jesus” moment when her Instagram account that she put so much time into building was deleted without warning. Like many others, “famous” or not, she was given no explanation and has yet to hear from customer support. We know it was her many comments (raising questions really) regarding the pandemic and distrust of the covid-19 vaccine in particular. MANY people (highly qualified nonetheless) have been de-platformed because of this. It’s not safe to question the status quo on a major platform anymore for risk of being attacked and silenced.

I call this a teachable moment because it now pushes her in the direction to utilize her website as her main platform. Not just about this topic, but in general I think it’s very dangerous to build a following on any “free” service because it or you can be shut down at any moment. Also, moving to a social media platform that supports content creators and allows one to express themselves freely without worrying about account termination is vital. If you can’t own it, at least go for the best option which for me is Fanbase. By providing a solid alternative to Instagram, I think Isaac Hayes III and his team are off to a great start.

For anyone interested, here is the interview I stumbled upon where I first heard about Fanbase.

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