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Journal Entry: 6 FEB 2022 at 22:29 (A Call from Dad)

My dad called tonight and we talked for about 30 minutes. As with many other family members back home, I really should call more; I’m actually terrible about that. We don’t talk much, so I’m always grateful when we do. He sounded concerned at first, but I sensed he was well after the conversation went longer. Early on he asked how Natalie was doing (she’s currently recovering from Covid), so maybe that’s why he sounded strange initially.

In my One Question a Day five-year journal, the question for February 4th was: “What relationship in your life do you wish you could improve?” I wrote: “My relationship with my Father. It’s very hard to talk to him because of his negative mindset. I need to see him.” It’s fitting that he called tonight (I was just searching for summertime flights home last night), and he was more positive in tone than usual. No complaining about anyone or anything. I could tell he just wanted to talk since it’d been a while. We discussed how cold it is this winter (there; Germany’s not so bad surprisingly), the random gun violence that won’t seem to let up, lawn equipment & customers, and possibly getting a new van soon so it’ll be easier to haul his equipment around.

It’s a given that I worry about the gun violence since he’s out and about every day, but sadly there’s not much I can do about that. American culture has a psychotic affinity for guns. My parents don’t live in a dangerous area, but that doesn’t seem to matter when guns are easy to procure and people everywhere are struggling. I just pray for the safety of all my friends and family in the US. I feel like I can do something about him working so hard though. I know that’s his own small business and I’ve always been proud of that; he’s a big influence on why I also chose the path of entrepreneurship. He’ll be 72 next month though. I feel like he shouldn’t have to take care of anyone’s yard even if he’s an expert at it, well-respected, and does it completely on his own terms.

I know he’s the type that can’t sit idle (which is a good thing), but I also don’t want him to wear himself down prematurely. Maybe I’m just being naive. Who am I to say what makes him happy? He’s in pretty good health for his age too, and I know that’s a direct result of him being so active. What I can’t get past however, is that he said he was getting rid of a lot of equipment come springtime, and that he’d only cut lawns for another two years. I’ve heard that many times before. That tells me either he loves it and can’t pull himself away from it, or he has to do it to keep the bills paid. I want him to have the option, and if he chooses to continue running his business then I at least want to bless him with a solid, brand new or lightly used truck or van for his equipment. Equipment isn’t an issue since he invests in the best there.

I think every person on a mission to create true wealth for their family feels the burden of wanting to “retire” their parents and other elders in their life if they’re still lucky enough to have them around. From my perspective, I feel like that’s one of the greatest ways to try and repay my parents for the sacrifices they made in raising my sister and I. I feel like I can do it soon–this year would be great if some major investments took off. A flight there to visit all of my family this summer would sure be nice.

Anyway, I’m just putting all of this out there so The Universe can grab it. I’ve had a lot of success with that in my day…

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