Random Thought: Imposter Syndrome & The Gift

Recorded on 22 MAR 2022 @ 20:47
Mannheim, DE

I DEEPLY despise this feeling of inadequacy that I’m suffering through now. I want to be a web developer. I NEED to be a practicing, professional photographer. THAT is my gift. As much as I truly love what I’ve taught myself, what I’ve learned, and how I continue to help businesses succeed, I know my Soul will never rest unless I’m making memorable photos every single day.

One of my darkest days on this journey of entrepreneurship was when I sold my Nikon D750 when money was super tight. That was 2017. Since then, I’ve shot some film with my Canon AE-1 Program and gotten by with an iPhone 5s that was on its last leg. Getting the iPhone 11 Pro when it came out was like a godsend at the time, but it still isn’t the same for me. In this age, a proper digital camera is the only route that makes sense for me. I’ve put that calling off to take care of my family first, but I think it’s time to put myself first very soon…

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C. Duayne Pearson monochrome mirror self-portrait with Canon AE-1 Program 35mm camera

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