Journal Entry: 27 MAY 2019 at 22:37

A not-so-odd occurrence tonight (because nothing is random):

I was reading The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale on my Samsung tablet, and on page 83 of chapter 6, “Stop Fuming and Fretting”, he mentioned the 121st Psalm while telling a story about being in a frenzied pace all day until he’d finally had enough. He stopped what he was doing, went back to his hotel room, read the 121st Psalm, and just sat there resting and praying for fifteen minutes. All was well afterwards.

I got up from bed and looked again for the bible Grandmomma gifted me a few years ago (she gave one to Natalie too); couldn’t find it until I squatted down in front of my bookshelf. It sat right there at eye-level, horizontally, under the Toronto guide Nat and the girls gave me for Christmas last year. I returned to bed and opened it randomly–directly to page 283 with the 37th Psalm directly at eye-level. It was exactly the word I needed.

I will fret not!

Main Photo Credit: Dylan Hunter on Unsplash

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